Work in the Caribbean Sous Chef/ Line Cook

Sous Chef/ Chef de Partie

Job Summary
El Quenepo, located on the incredible island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, is seeking creative, highly motivated candidates to assist us in the war against mediocre cuisine.
Job Description
1. Be creative. Assist the Chef with the creation of nightly specials focusing on the use of local ingredients.
2. Be a leader and part of the team. You must be able to clearly communicate ideas and concepts to share with the team.
3. Be dedicated. Must be able to execute high quality plates under pressure. Every dish must be perfect 100% of the time.
4. Be greedy to learn new concepts, techniques and ingredients.
5. Be savvy and able to assist with the business side of the kitchen.
6. Be dependable. You will be an essential part of our team. Never let the team down.

Job Skills and Requirements:
1. You have at least 3 years experience in a similar restaurant setting.
2. You have a wealth of food knowledge and the willingness to learn more.
3. You are dependable, honest and professional. You understand that a hangover is self induced illness.
4. You are a perfectionist with great attention to detail. You watch the details because you know the devil is in them.
5. Your mise is your pride and joy. It is always fresh, organized and ready to go when the doors open for service.
6. You love to organize and work in a clean environment. You can efficiently check in and stock all orders. You efficiently rotate product.
7. You want to make our diners vacation memorable with perfect food. You want them to have THE perfect meal and talk about that perfection for the rest of their lives.
8. You work well as part of the team. You check your ego and machismo at the door.
9. You have tools. You have a sharp knife and a sharp mind at all times.
10. You manage your time well. Every missed second is another second you are behind.
11. You are an endurance athlete. Long hours spent on your feet are the norm.

The Gig:
Established owner operated, intimate, fine dining restaurant. Restaurant El Quenepo is located on the beautiful island of Vieques, Puerto Rico (consistently voted in the top ten of islands of the world for the best beaches). Our 55-seat restaurant is known for creativity, bold flavors, using local ingredients and cooking each dish from scratch.
3 to 5 years fine dining experience
And/or a true desire to learn, strong work ethic, have a anything, anywhere, anytime attitude, be creative, flexible, detail oriented and have a passion for creating incredible food. Upbeat positive vibe is a must.
The Perks:
Salary is commensurate with experience. Health Benefits. Paid vacation time. Sunday Funday is always a day off. We are also closed for 2.5 months per year allowing you to travel the world (and learn more about food). Living on an incredible island that most people only get to visit for one week per year.
Job Type: Full-time

compensation: Salary is commensurate with experience. Health Benefits. Paid vacation time. Sunday Funday is always a day off.

employment type: full-time

job title: Sous Chef/ Line Cook

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