Water Treatment Sales

(Greater Orlando Area)

Florida Water Analysis is one of the largest independently owned water treatment companies in Florida. We’ve been in business for 13 years.

Our gross sales and service surpassed $4 million last year, and we are on pace to hit $5 million this year with only 8.5 sales reps and 8 service techs (service brings in about 15% of gross revenue). We are soft with regards to sales in the Greater Orlando area, and are in search of experienced water treatment closers.

Maybe you are looking for more leads, or you are not happy with your current arrangement. We like to hire for the long term, and most reps we hire stay for years. There are many reasons. For starters, we can provide legitimate free water test leads on a consistent basis in and around where you live. We can provide 3-4 appointments in the same zip code, or in neighboring zip codes each day. As you probably know, most water treatment dealers hop-scotch you all over the place. The reason we can do this more efficiently is because of our advertisement techniques. Plus, the owner has been doing this for over 30 years. He started in service/installations, and moved his way through sales, then into management. This gives him a unique perspective for all positions, and an understanding of what our sales reps, or “testing technicians”, are going through. We offer bi-weekly sales meetings on Zoom so you don’t have to drive to corporate on meeting days to get fired up and learn. These meetings are run by the owner.

– We pay up to 28% in commissions. Our average rep brings in $30-50K a month in gross sales revenue. Our top rep made just under $200k Last year, with the average rep making $80-140k.
– During training, you get paid 5% of whatever your trainer sells just for being present. (up to $200 per day)
– We provide you qualified and set appointment leads. No cold calling!
– In today’s world of shortages, we have equipment! Out warehouse is full of everything we sell.
– We do same day installations (after your sale) 90% of the time.
– You are a sub-contractor, so you will work your own hours (the average rep works 30-35 hours per week including drive time).

Our corporate location is in Polk County, but you will work your home area in and around the Greater Orlando area. We have local installation staff. Zoom Sales Meetings usually last 20-30 minutes. It is a rare occasion you would need to come to our corporate location. You simply mail your paperwork in once a week, and if you need anything (chemicals for testing, more contracts, etc.) we can mail that to you. We also do direct deposit for your weekly pay.

We offer competitive financing for most folks (with a 600+ credit score) with as low as .8% payments or up to 60 months with 0% interest. Paperwork can be done online and takes 15 minutes to get an approval in most cases. We have 2 finance companies and often if one doesn’t buy your deal, the other will.

We will train you in your area on how we do business (we will send a trainer to you, or we will pay for a hotel if you go to them and the drive is over 1.5 hours). Training usually takes a week or two for someone who has never sold water treatment. If you are experienced in water treatment sales (which is what we are looking for), training would take a few days to get the hang of how we operate.

Please reply with your water treatment sales (or any other one call close position) work history and if you have one, a resume. We are a no BS, legit water treatment sales & service organization. If you are a one call closer, you should be making very nice commissions in just a few weeks.

We look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity!

compensation: $80K-$200K

employment type: full-time

job title: Water Treatment Sales

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