Warehouse Mgr/Installer/Cabinet Work

(Pompano Beach)

Andrews Ave Extension near Andrews Ave

Have some experience in the Trades and know how to use hand tools

We are a small innovative furniture design company that is the exclusive distributor of high-end European murphy beds and custom cabinetry that is sold and shipped nation-wide (though we have plenty of business here in Florida). If you have a good head on your shoulders, know how to use hand tools, and want to work in a fast paced, flexible environment, our company has a leading position where you can grow with us (and we’re experiencing explosive growth).

We are looking for a Warehouse Manager/Installer with experience working in the Trades , preferably in a cabinet shop, who is productive and knows how to solve problems. You will have responsibility for:

• Running and maintaining our Pompano-based warehouse, which is co-located with our cabinet manufacturer, to a high standard of organization and cleanliness
• Managing warehouse worker who is there to assist you
• Ordering, receiving, storing, and transferring raw material (laminate and veneer sheets) from the supplier to the warehouse, and then on to the cabinet maker
• Transferring completed cabinetry from the cabinet manufacturer to our section of the warehouse
• Inspecting and staging all cabinetry, completing a detailed check list to ensure our clients receive the highest quality defect-free product
• Adding cabinet facing, edge banding for irregular pieces, holes for LED lighting and other preparations for our custom cabinets
• Preparing and pre-installing murphy bed hardware in the cabinets so that units will be easy to install once they arrive at the client’s residence (about 70% of our projects are shipped nation-wide and installed by others)
• Packing cabinetry for installation or shipment
• Once properly trained, installing our Murphy Bed/Cabinet projects here in Florida, and on occasion, out of state
• Once trained, coaching other installers (for many it will be their first installations of our products) through the installation process and helping them overcome any problems (we often use Facetime or Video Skype to facilitate this process)
• Receiving, storing, organizing, preparing and shipping our German and Italian made murphy beds with the proper cabinetry.
• Arranging shipping of projects throughout the United States and Canada
• Ordering, storing, and preparing hardware for our various projects
• Work closely with the COO and CEO to ensure the smooth operations of the company, get projects delivered on time, help prototype new products, and contribute to growing the organization

You need to be:

• Experienced in a trade that will allow you to do the job listed in the description above
• Able to use power tools such as table saws, miter saw, hand drill, screw gun, etc.
• Able to measure accurately and read dimensional drawings
• A detail-oriented problem solver
• Motivated to get the job done
• Presentable – you will be installing in high-end residences and dealing with clients
• Able to speak English well enough to communicate with the COO (the CEO speaks Spanish) and our clients. Si habla español – excelente, pero hay que hablar ingles bastante bien por comunicarse con su jefe y los clientes. Su ingles no tiene que ser perfecto, pero hay que poder comprenderse.

Pluses but NOT Required:

• Knowledge of Salesforce
• Knowledge of Word and Excel
• Knowledge of Sketchup
• Knowledge of Cabinet Vision
• Ability to drive a forklift
• Ability to sell

We are:

• Small – you’ll be working with the COO and CEO every day and will have a leading role in the company
• Flexible – we want to have a life and we want you to have a life. Let us know about time you might need, and we will be happy to accommodate you when possible (the COO has a 6-month-old kid, so we understand)
• Entrepreneurial and hard working – we need to get the work done, offer superior client service and provide the best products available
• Innovative – our products are unique, and we are the only ones in the US offering them
• Informal – we’re a small group and like each other
• Unbigoted – we welcome workers from all ethnic backgrounds, races, foreign countries, sexual orientation, etc. We don’t care if you’re studying part time (good for you!) are older or have had a varied career. Just be smart, hard-working and able to get the job done
• Growing – in our 17-year history, we’ve never had as much business as we have now. We’re looking to upgrade and find a great candidate who wants to grow with us, take on more responsibility, become an integral part of the team and make more money!

compensation: Starting a $20 per hour (more based on experience)

employment type: full-time

job title: Cabinet Finisher/Installer/Warehouse Manager

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