VP Virtual Home Show Division

(Vancouver (NE Downtown / Harbour Centre / Gastown / Yaletown)

www.amvideoclassifiedsglobal.com is Still Hiring as Competitors Shed Jobs!

The largest tech companies are laying off employees at an alarming rate, but www.amvideoclassifiedsglobal.com the worlds first virtual home show (newly launched) plans to boost its head count to over 2,000 B2B salespeople as soon as possible.

Rather than scrolling through endless, irrelevant results on Google, with www.amvideoclassifiedsglobal.com customers can immediately narrow their search for specific retail stores related to home improvement and services ranging from deck fabrication to tree removal. All posted on one destination platform.

Think the highly successful B.C. Home Show – BIG DIFFERENCE we are open 24/7 – 365 days a year for shoppers’ convenience.

We know how to attract customers with the click of a button – specifically, the “play” button.

We specialize in video marketing and are hiring a VP Virtual Home Show Division to contact all the over 132 past exhibitors that set up booths in the popular B.C. Home Show and other companies related to home improvement and let them know that they can post their business profile on our virtual home show platform at a fraction of competitors costs and that we are open 24/7 – 365 days a year for shoppers convenience.

When a customer clicks on a business’ profile, a video (usually ranging from 60 to 90 seconds) automatically pops up.

“We require all companies that post their profiles on our home show platform to feature one of our custom shot videos on their profile,” Plus, all of our advertisers receive copies of the videos we shoot for their own use.”

“Our advertising rates are extremely cost-effective, especially when you compare it to our competitors Facebook and Google. The first three advertisers in each category – if they post their business profile on our virtual home show platform for a 3-year term costing $1,944.00 – receive a “free” video.

Video ads are ideal for companies who want to add transparency and personality to their advertising.

With a custom video from www.amvideoclassifiedsglobal.com business owners can directly showcase their products and address potential customer enquiries.

This innovative service is what sets www.amvideoclassifiedsglobal.com virtual home platforms apart from other classified advertising sites.

That is not to mention the format’s proven dominance on social media. By creating and sharing video content, businesses can also benefit from social media engagement and customer feedback.

“People will watch an interesting or relevant video ad and share it with their friends or post it on their own page or web site,” “If our customers are reposting the video ad, we create for them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media platforms, this can drastically increase the likelihood that their target audience will find them.”

We have a data base of all past exhibitors to work with, but it will have to be updated.

To qualify must have 3 years of sales experience, be highly motivated and able to work without supervision. Must have reliable transportation. This is a straight commission opportunity and you will be working from your home office and hired as a sub-contractor. We pay amazing commissions

To apply send resume and contact information in confidence.

compensation: $680.00 for each business you have post on our virtual home show platforms for 3 year term, $200.00 for hosting each video if you have this ability – if you work at it should be able to earn over $20,000 per month, full commission on automatic renewals

employment type: contract

job title: VP Virtual Home Show Division

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