Team Lead and Manager


Final Mile Solar is an innovative solar logistics company looking for new team members to join us on our solar journey. We use our very own patented rooftop delivery technology to increase the amount of panels installed per day.

We ensure that when our clients install their jobs, material is accurate and staged on the roof. As a team we work together to count and deliver all the materials and equipment that installers will need for their jobs.

This is a full time job and we recognize our employee’s hard work. We have a program set up that will track the progress of our workers, and as they grow and strengthen their skills and contribute to their team’s success, we will reward their work in the form of raises and commissions. We also offer healthcare benefits as part of our pay package.

As a company we try to keep a Monday through Friday work schedule. We aim to have all deliveries completed during the week, and strive to keep our employee’s weekends free.

Our starting pay is $40,000-44,000/year depending on experience with many possibilities for raises in the future based on performance. We provide safety equipment and as a company we ensure that all work costs are covered in order to complete all deliveries.

If you’re looking to get into the solar industry, Final Mile Solar is the place to be!

compensation: $40,000-$44,000 per year

employment type: full-time

job title: Team lead and manager

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