Taverna Agora, Utility/Dishwasher


326 Hillsborough St.

Taverna Agora is more than a restaurant; it’s a gathering place where our restaurant teams share our family’s old-world flavors with a modern flair. It’s a place where our guests are comfortable stopping in at the bar, relaxing in our dining room, or enjoying the fresh atmosphere on our open-air rooftop patio. We seek managers and team members who will welcome our guests as members of the family. Opa!

Our Dish Team keeps things moving during the height of action. Without this crew, we would be unable to serve an influx of guests in a timely manner. Our team keeps dishes, prepware, workstations, and ensures restrooms are clean and sanitary.

Job Requirements:

• Sweep and mop entire restaurant
• Clean and sanitize bathrooms
• Refill all bathroom dispensers hand liquid soap, paper towels and toilet paper
• Sweep and mop patio
• Clean windows on the outside of the building
• Walk around the building and pick up all trash (cigarette butts, beer bottles, cans and the like)
• Fill dish machine with clean and fresh water
• Make sure all soap and sani-rinse bottles are full and ready for daily operation
• Run baskets of glassware and plates through the machine
• Place the clean dishes on the line (In front and back of house)
• Ensure that the line is clean and swept at all times
• Remove all trash out of the building as needed
• Clean and maintain trash pick up area
• Make sure that doors and gates to trash bins are closed at all times
• Perform daily projects assigned by Chef and/or Managers for both front and back of the house (cleaning kitchen equipment, walls, ceiling tiles, air vents and the like)
• Keep dish pit clean and organized
• Replace dish machine water every 2-3 hours depending upon volume

compensation: Hourly $13.00 – $17.00 Based on experience

employment type: employee's choice

job title: Utility/Dishwasher

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