Stage Rigger Installation Technician


We are one of the leading U.S. suppliers of lighting and dimming equipment, rigging and curtain systems, effects, and theatre and TV supplies. The Installation Technician/Rigger works out of the Houston Office providing excellent customer service through the installation of products to customers.

This position is responsible for the installation and fabrication of rigging hardware, battens, curtain tracks, curtains, electrical plug boxes/strips and all related items. While much of the work involves individual initiative and judgment, working with team members is critical when performing rigging installation. Specific work will include the installation of hardware to existing structures, the installation of hanging pipes, beams or tracking, and hardware to concrete, steel, wood, and block walls. Responsible for drilling, securing and testing the operation of head blocks, mule blocks, sheaves, winches, and components of counterweighted, winched and dead hung systems. Installations occur at the customer’s site, and the duration of stay for a rigger/installer may be from a day trip to several weeks long. In some cases, generally involving international or long distances of travel, greater lengths of stay may be required.

Additional Duties: Normal facility upkeep and construction as directed by the Management.

• Competitive Pay Rate with time and a half for overtime for over 40 hours worked per week.
• holiday pay
• paid time off
• insurance availability.
• This position is provided a per diem for food; transportation and labor costs

• Knowledge of theatrical rigging practices and procedures.
• Must have a background in the rigging and installation of counterweight and motorized systems.
• Ability to recognize, tie and determine use of knots and cabling terminations.
• Ability to lift/carry up to 60 lbs.
• Ability to work at heights ranging from twelve to sixty feet from floor level and may often call for the use of safety and climbing devices for attaching oneself to secure structures to perform the work required.
• Basic math skills, including but not limited to, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.
• Knowledge of safe climbing skills and practices – Including ability to rappel, belay, and ascend.
• Ability to work with or without supervision.
• Use authoritative references and “common sense” judgment when making decisions regarding safe rigging practices and procedures.
• Clean driving record.
• Must be willing to follow OSHA rules as well as safety protocol.
• Background check and drug testing required: pre-employment and random.

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compensation: $17.50 / hr + Benefits

employment type: full-time

job title: Stage Rigger Installation Technician

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