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Looking to hire skilled carpenter. Pay will reflect off what you can bring to the table but the right person will be physically capable, tooled up, and have strong knowledge of most carpentry work and at least a basic up to a strong understanding of most phases of remodeling. Crew leadership is A++ We’re looking to start this candidate at around $25 or more per hour. After 30 days you will have your first review and if you’re a good fit you will receive your first pay raise, and I will discuss pto + bonuses.

This is a 1099 position and you will be asked to fill out the form before your first check. I pay every Friday and don’t hold the first check.

About me/us

I run a small crew and we do most to all things carpentry related interior and exterior, as well as managing several real estate portfolios and property management *think maintenance and small to midsized renovations* Our last month and upcoming months have had a strong carpentry focus, think rot repairs, siding, Fascias, soffits, deck work, windows + doors, cabinets, trim work, floors, ect. Most of the jobs we have to do are several day to week long or longer projects. I need to be able to go on my own and get us caught up on small jobs while you make sure the big jobs get complete, or vise versa.

We’re currently only 4 right now and that consists of me, the remodeler, a trim carpenter, and 2 apprentices/gophers. I’m currently swamped, and have too many estimates coming in, too much work to do, too many jobs, and too many materials takeoffs + deliveries to do on top of other administrative tasks. I will personally handle materials delivery, and debris removal of every single job so all you have to focus on is doing the task at hand. I’ll cover all disposables *think caulk, paint, brushes, Rollers, blades, screws, nails, ect.

Work focus is in raleigh, Durham, Cary area but we’ve got projects in Fayetteville, Pinehurst, and some north like Louisburg.

For lower end pay scale I’m expecting a truck or van, all hand tools and power tools to do mid to higher end carpentry work. Any general remodeling handtools or specialty tools A++ (Light elec, plumbing, ect). Ladders, walkboards, ect A+++.

Tools, capability, skills translate to pay.

Please reach out and be thorough in the skills you have/experience, vehicle situation, pay expectations, references/work history, and contact information.

compensation: $25+ DOE plus bonuses

employment type: full-time

job title: Lead

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