SF Largest Moving Brokerage 3k offseason 10k in-season Avg checks!!!!!

(Boynton Beach)

Are you a Fire moving Salesman? Do you strive for a high pressure boiler room to push you to the limits of your abilities??

If your the best and you didn’t make 3000$-6000$ in the last week of December Email us today!!!!

Our off season checks are on season checks at other rooms. Our jobs are clean our carriers held to a standard. Our online presence is pristine 3 years in!!! Not only do we have the best and easiest leads to sale, we have the best product to sell them.

Its like printing money thru the phone!!! Don’t make less than a quarter mil this year. If you’ve been in the industry more than a year than come thru and get a piece of the pie.

2 full time shifts available!!!
“10-6 Monday through Friday”;
“M-F 6pm-11pm; Saturday / Sunday 10am – 6pm”

Sliding Commission Scale Up To 30%
Daily CASH spiffs
Monthly Sales Competitions
Quality Leads from a variety of vendors
Exclusive self generated leads
The sky is the limit to your earning potential
Must be money motivated and take initiative to be successful
Training provided for salespeople from other industries
TOP REPS PULLING 10K checks for a weeks work during moving season!!!!!!
Massive Carrier List Don’t Suffer From Service Failures!!!!!!

Job Duties:
1. Quote people around the country who are moving/relocating from one state to another
2. Ability to multi-task and handle a 40 hr work week
3. Basic computer proficiency
4. Ability to close
5. Desire to do more than you did last year!!!!

compensation: Base VS. Commission-Daily CASH Spiffs

employment type: full-time

job title: Moving Estimator

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