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Barnes Harley-Davidson is currently seeking to expand our team with a Full-Time Sales and Business Manager!

Are you a salesperson who has been passed up for a promotion to sales manager because you’re too valuable to take off the floor? Are you looking for an opportunity to advance in your career? If you are a salesperson who wants opportunities for growth, great pay, awesome coworkers, and enjoys basking in the sound of a revving Harley, look no further than Barnes Harley-Davidson! We are looking for a passionate salesperson who is ready to step up and prove themself by taking on a Sales Manager role.

Shifts: flexible, 40 hours/week

What we offer:

MONEY MONEY MONEY – Best in industry pay. Our incentive-based pay plans for most positions mean you are in charge of what you earn. There is no cap, so the sky is the limit.

CULTURE MATTERS – Communication, accountability, transparency, and motorcycles. Every member of our team works hard and has fun while doing it. We all win together. Oh, and don’t forget our epic events that keep your work day exciting, including show-and-shines and stunt shows!

BENEFITS PLEASE – Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Health, dental, vacation days, paid sick days, mental healthcare, gym membership reimbursement, motorcycle riding courses, crazy staff discounts, free coffee whenever you want, and free lunch every Saturday.

I WANT A CAREER – Well, we build them. We have people that go from washing bikes to running dealerships. We have so many career path success stories, we’re tripping over them! Whatever your vision for your future, we will help make it happen.

BIG BRAIN TIME – You’re going to end up knowing a lot more than you’ll ever need. Our receptionists know how to change the oil on a bike! With our internal Barnes University training programs and manufacturer factory training, we never stop learning.

GOOD PEOPLE – We are hardcore bikers, people who have never touched a motorcycle in their lives, parents, animal-lovers, geeks, musicians, writers, gamers, foodies, movie buffs, car fanatics, artists, caffeine-addicts, amateur comedians, and more. You’ll make friends here, guaranteed.

FAMILY VALUES – We are family owned and operated. For over 40 years, the Barnes family has been hands-on running our dealerships. We have that priceless personal touch and care. No faceless corporation here.

Our hiring process:

You find or are sent this job ad.

You read the ad.

It piques your interest.

You tell us you’re interested (apply, email, call, shout from the rooftops).

We call you for a quick chat and you tell us all about how awesome you are.

You come in to meet the team and prove yourself worthy.

You’re hired!

You brag to all your friends and family about your sweet new life.

So what are you waiting for? Discover a world of opportunity in a Sales & Business Manager role at Barnes Harley-Davidson! Rev the throttle, drop the clutch, and apply today!

compensation: negotiable, $25.00-35.00

employment type: full-time

job title: Sales and Business Manager

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