Rental space Lincoln Park, & Southport

(Lincoln Park)

2555 N Southport Ave near Wrightwood

MF Aesthetics. Located in Lincoln Park Chicago our studio is both spacious and welcoming to all established and aspiring beauty artists. With flexible daily and weekly rentals, we’re the perfect place to help your new beauty business thrive.

Rental Space Applicants Must:
* Be a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, or makeup artist.
* Have, or be ready to acquire, Professional Liability Insurance.
* Any artist providing microblading, tattooing, or similar services must have an updated Body Art Card and Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate

Serious inquires can be sent to
Full-Time Rental (6 hrs or more )$75 per day
Artists who intend to use the space 3-5 days a week will be offered a full-time flat fee of $200 per week.
Part-Time Rental (6hrs or Less)$50 per day

Please include the following information:
* Full name
* Phone number
* Email address
* The rental space you’re interested in
* Your artist socials (if applicable)

compensation: Be your own boss

employment type: contract

job title: Rental Space

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