Project manager / shop Forman wanted


7011 Merritt

looking to fill a full or part time position for a project manager / shop Forman who has experience and knowledge of cars and automotive management.

Duties include but are not limited to

1. Project management
2. Scheduling of new work
3. Organize sub trade work
4. Organize and process customer vehicle’s delivery
5. Order and research parts
6. Problem solve issues with jobs
7. Help out occasionally in the shop to get jobs done or moving along.
8. Meet and greet new customers who come in off the street.
9. Move vehicles in and out of the shop
10. Unpack new parts that arrive at the shop and put them in the proper places weather it be in the customers vehicle or on a marked shelf
11. Label parts with clients name and make / colour of car.
12. Help keep office clean and organized.

compensation: 35.00

employment type: full-time

job title: Project manager

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