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The real estate market and the world’s economy have changed drastically and money became really tight and very expensive with banks and hedge funds.
If you know real estate and business you clearly understand that times will be tough for everyone in the real estate business, BUT HARD MONEY LENDERS are still FUNDING DEALS and making money.

Our company HML INVESTMENTS is looking not just for sales superstars, but also for entrepreneurs that are looking for a life changing career that will always provide cashflow.
What we offer the right people:
1. Online training, we have online courses of around 20 hours.
2. Team of 40 hungry sales people in our team that will support you with any question you have.
3. Offices in las Vegas, Los Angeles, Irvine CA, Orlando, Miami.
5. All our marketing material to help you promote yourself better and stronger.
6. If you prove yourself in the company we will give you LEADS to make extra money as we have leads on daily basis, but at first you will have to rely on your own leads until you prove yourself in the company.
7. Access to Real Estate deals that are not on the market, this will be very helpful for you specially in the market today, you can literally change your life in one year!

While the market is changing it’s really becoming more and more challenging for any real estate professional to make money but as a hard money lender you will have the upper hand.
Please call to setup an interview!

Want to learn more about HML investments?
Look on our YOUTUBE channel as we are the only hard money lenders in the Nation that have their own show.

$$$ $$$

contact via EMAIL ONLY

compensation: COMMISSION ONLY

employment type: full-time

job title: sales

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