Im looking for a QUALIFIED RV technician that is sick of working for the big dealers and wants a more laid back satisfying work environment where you get to do everything yourself and dont really have to answer to much of anybody or trip over anybody else.
I have a small RV and boat sales lot as well we do RV rentals in the on season. I am looking for somebody that can handle most tasks that an RV can throw at them. The work environment is a brand new heated building with great accessibility which can hold up to 5 rv’s/campers at a time.

The Tasks:
-everything rv related, including, roof replacements, soft floors, resealing, winterizing, inspections etc etc etc
-frame work/welding is not a requirement, we have a mobile guy that comes in to do that stuff once its stripped down
-campervan upfitting, seating, heaters etc
-some marine tasks but nothing to complicated
-atleast 50% of the work is our own inventory however i will solicit for big jobs when need be to keep busy, however we are NOT another RV shop catering to everybody that needs to buy a sewer hose or a tube of sealant.
-SOME shipping and receiving

The compensation:
-very negotiable, ideally $30/hour plus profit sharing, but willing to entertain ideas, if your good ideally you need to make at least $50/hour to stick around and i get that so lets work towards it

Also willing to entertain evening/weekend employment, especially if you want to give it a try before pulling the pin on your cushy job at one of the franchise dealers.

Email if you have any questions!!

compensation: negotiable

employment type: full-time

job title: RV Expert

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