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The help foundations mission is to alleviate poverty, improve global health, strengthen economies, and protect the environment by fostering partnerships among governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and private citizens – leveraging their expertise, resources, and passions- to turn good intentions into measurable results

Our belief in universal ONENESS of humanity makes us work for the well-being of every living being, human and non-human forms of life. Our main campaign will be to end poverty by 2030. We are independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest, or religion. We are going to be funded mainly by our membership, individual donors, corporate donors, traders, Celebrities, sportsmen, and the World Bank. You can help make a real difference by becoming a member or supporter of HFG. We are also interested to produce films, TV serial, and Adopt me TV channel, We do need talents who wants to help homeless people. We like to help talents as well.

Looking for Volunteers, If you have some past experience in any non-profit is a plus for us for Director
position/Volunteers/Office admin/Board members/Social media/

Volunteers are the lifeblood of most non-profit organizations and are there because they want to be, not because they have to be. We can send you more information about our NGO In the First three months We definitely looking for people who can volunteer their time and have a longtime commitment to us.

Please send us your resumes.
Thanks a lot

Help Foundations

compensation: freelancer/Volunteers

employment type: employee's choice

job title: Director of operation

non-profit organization

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