Gutter Cleaning Sales (Subcontractor – Commission only)

(Twin Cities and surrounding area)

As owner and manager of Simmons & Simmons Gutter Cleaning LLC, I’m looking for a confident sales person to help us grow our commercial Gutter cleaning business.

When I started Simmons & Simmons Gutter Cleaning LLC in April of 2022 I set out to provide the best gutter cleaning service at the best rate with little to no liability for us or our clients. I figured out I could afford to offer a lower rate by using high-powered professional gutter cleaning vacuums. Our unique business model allows us to virtually eliminate liability risks for both our team and our clients. At the same time, by using industry-leading vacuums in place of ladders we are able to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to serve our clients.

Because we spend less time setting up ladders and figuring out how to safely secure ourselves to our clients’ roofs, we are able to dramatically increase efficiency which our competitive pricing promises to reflect.

We are extremely confident that the services we offer are superior to what our competitors have to offer. We even provide proof of service by providing our commercial clients with photographs taken before and after the provision of any of our gutter cleaning services.

The only problem we currently face is that prospective clients are not aware of our services. I don’t have a knack for sales which is why I’m posting this ad to find someone who has the gift of salesmanship to help with our sales efforts.

The position would be commission only and you would be entitled to 20% commission for every successful new homeowners association or property management company client within a 35 mile radius of Saint Paul, Minnesota. There is no commission or payment of any kind for any single-family residential clients. *Only homeowners associations and property management companies. A single large homeowners association client with over 150 houses could earn you as much as $5,000 on a single sale.

Here are some of the major selling points for our business:

– FREE INSPECTIONS and FREE ESTIMATES to all homeowners associations and property management clients in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas with zero commitment needed

– We guarantee the BEST RATE & the BEST SERVICE to all homeowners associations and property management clients

– We provide all of our commercial clients PROOF OF SERVICE in the form of photographs of the gutters both before & after the provision of any of our gutter cleaning services

– Simmons & Simmons Gutter Cleaning LLC is BBB Certified and a trusted name in the industry

– Instead of using linear footage or square footage as a measure for determining the price of our services, our complementary inspections help us ensure our pricing reflects the amount of cleaning needed. We ensure our clients only pay for what needs cleaning.

– If that’s not enough, all of the services we offer are uniquely designed to ensure the safety of our service providers and eliminate any liability risk for our commercial clients through the use of industry-leading professional gutter cleaning vacuums, carbon fiber tubing and lightweight telescopic poles (with camera attachments).

I am happy to provide advice on how to lookup different communities around the Twin Cities and how to find the names of their governing property management company or homeowners association.

Ultimately, I expect anyone who takes on this position to take it upon themselves to find communities (that are governed by an HOA or property management company) around the twin cities with homes, townhomes, apartments, condos, etc that are less than 5 stories tall and have traditional gutters, locate their governing property management company or homeowners association, and then follow through on reaching out and setting up an appointment for a free inspection and free estimate.

If you are interested please feel free to reach out as I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Six One Two – Four Six One – Nine Nine Three Zero

compensation: Commission only

employment type: contract

job title: Subcontractor/Independent contractor

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