Finance Manager Wanted – High Energy & Ready to EARN!

(miami / dade county)

Are you tired of going from sales job to sales job? Working for companies that have no future? Working for a job where your income is capped?

That life changing opportunity is here! Our finance manager should be clearing 3-4000$ per day, TO YOUR POCKET.

You’ve read this correctly, but before we go any further,

Please follow the specific instructions below:

This position is high demand. YOU MUST TEXT FIRST. We are overwhelmed with candidates, if you do not, you will simply be ignored.

You must have your resume and story ready to tell, tell us why you want to work for the fastest growing TMS firm in logistics.

Bi/Tri-Lingual (English,Spanish, Russian) Is a BIG PLUS.

What are you doing now? Why are you looking for a job?

This is a big position, do not fire off a generic text or you will be ignored. This requires hustle, drive, and doing WHATEVER IT TAKES, to close down the sale. Our current close rate on inbound leads is 83% on the first call.

If we like what we hear, you will receive a text back for further instructions.

This is a rare opportunity to have a sales CAREER and work in a fun, fast paced, positive, and professional environment. We have salesmen making $70k a year and salesmen making $800k a year; the choice is yours.

This is an opportunity to build the revenue stream you have been looking for, with a strong team behind you of leadership.

Do you have the gift of being able to qualify clients for an investment opportunity? Do you know how to separate CURIOUS clients from SERIOUS clients? Are you looking for an opportunity to learn and grow as a salesperson and become a CLOSER? If this is you, call us today and Inquire about our MANAGER POSITION.

We are a well established and successful sales company in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach looking for a few exceptional FRONTERS that are looking to learn the business and we can train to become CLOSERS. All representatives are trained by one of the top salesmen in the industry.

Requirements: Focus, persistence, motivation and train-ability.

Remote Positions Unavailable.

Call or text toll free: 917-403-2121 or 1-833-BADBOY-5

Email your resume to set up an interview:

: Financing :

For Text: 917-403-2121

compensation: 5-10k per week

employment type: full-time

job title: Financing Manager

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