Entry-Level Sales (Think You Got What It Takes?)

(Avondale Estates)

Honest Goods needs ambitious people to join their ranks!

Welcome to the job nobody wants but a lot of people loves to buy from; entry-level sales.
This job will teach you valuable skills on how to handle rejection, manage your funds & how most importantly… how to build a business from the ground up. In a age where people want to work remote & not talk to people face to face, this job is all the more important to your confidence & the importance of being honest. People will see you, judge you & remember what you said when you sold them that thing that one time.

Its up to you to remember that person & make each & every one of them feel special because they just might give you an opportunity Honest goods cannot. Our main objective is to go from business to business, showing our unique products to people in the area & sell it to them. Then, werinse & repeat.

Question: “But what if I don’t sell anything?”

Answer: Its impossible to not sell anything unless you’re pitching a door; I should know, it wooden but anything!

So do not fret, we’ll teach you what you need to know to sell ice in Greenland or dirt to a farmer. The main thing is that you don’t blow smoke up my ass & waste an opportunity of a lifetime.

compensation: 40% Commission i used to believe that safe consistent pay was the way to go until i realized how much money i made with out a flat rate. If you really love what you do, you funds will never be low. (there's no limit to how much you can make)

employment type: full-time

job title: Entry-Level Sales

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