Entry Level Painter (North Vancouver)

(North Vancouver)

Lynn valley road near mountain highway




Our painting team is looking for motivated individuals to join us!

We are looking for hard working, efficient people in North Vancouver, B.C., who want to join a family of awesome staff and team culture, who are also looking to earn what they are worth and optimize their cash flow!

This past year alone, our team provided 30+ top quality paint jobs in the North Vancouver area, with one strategy in mind: satisfied clients, which created a happy work atmosphere and rewarded employees.
For 2023 we are hoping to provide an even better service and employ, train and optimize an even stronger team!
We are looking to hire our team to start in the early spring of 2023!

About this job:
*Fast paced, fun environment with an incentivized pay scale.
*Hands on experience in customer service and communication
*Working outdoors with a crew of other like-minded people
*Working with friends is encouraged, so apply together and note this in your application, we love hiring teams of friends!
*Training is provided; therefore, no experience is necessary! We teach everyone how to paint!
*We are currently hiring Painters and Crew Managers for 2022. Both positions are full-time jobs and can lead to future promotion opportunities within the company for those with the right attitude!
*We are also hiring seasonal staff for those of you who are just looking for a summer job! Act quickly, our summer positions will fill up fast!

What will be expected of you:
-Positive Attitude (My team hires for attitude and trains for skill)
-Reliable Transportation (As we will be working at many different job sites you must 100% be capable of getting around town. The team may be required to move job sites mid-day and you must be able to accommodate this, no exceptions!)
-Motivation for $$$ (With this company you truly get out what you put in)
-Ability to work from ladders (if you are afraid of heights, this job is not for you)
-Ability to work with clients and always represent our company respectably
-Ability to complete and provide certifications for required training provided
-Ability to ensure proper time management and punctuality (lateness is not tolerated)
-Referring our services to friends and family (this is not required but always appreciated)
-A strong mindset dedicated to learning and self improvement

What benefits will you get?
-Full training on how to paint the interior and exterior of homes/commercial buildings as well as top notch safety training.
-Lots of opportunity to earn more with greater efficiency, as well as company offered prizes and incentives.
-Pay exceeding $23/hr for hard working painters (Starting rate dependent on experience. Raises based on proven skill after start date.
-Working with other like-minded and fun individuals.
-Excellent training and strong mentorship provided during P.A.D (performance, availability and discussion) meetings.
-Working outside in the fresh air!
-A glowing reference to help really beef up your resume!

Position Descriptions
Painter: This role is a fun but incredibly challenging position that is ideal for someone wanting to get hands-on work experience and make money reflective of their efforts. The ideal individual is hard working, coachable and has effective communication skills. You will be sometimes required to work at heights or for long hours in warm weather so needless to say endurance is also an asset.

Crew Manager: In addition to painting, in this role you would gain experience in leadership and management skills. You would take on additional responsibilities for additional pay. This would include moving ladders, making trips to the paint store, motivating your team, solving client issues, training additional painters, and managing other tasks on job sites.
Ask to be considered for this if you feel you may be a good fit.
Bonuses and Incentives as well as pay increases provided for people in this position.

If this job sounds like the right fit for you then please get in contact with us!
We would love to hear from you and set up an interview.
Please email your RESUME and COVER LETTER to Connor Britnell

compensation: $20-$25

employment type: full-time

job title: Painter

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