$ Entrepreneurs Earn $150K- $1M a yr. in eLearning/Work from Anywhere


Looking for a better way to make a living?
Ready to be your own boss?
Are you ready to Elevate YOUR Earnings and YOUR Lifestyle?

NO LONGER ALLOW a boss or your brick-and-mortar business to dictate YOUR WORTH and YOUR WORK schedule.
We’ve been providing Freedom, Flexibility, Portability, and High Revenue to Entrepreneurs since 2006!

We are a 16-year-old U.S.-based company that has been Educating, Mentoring, and Empowering professionals to become successful Online Entrepreneurs in two of the largest growth industries of the 21st century!

Which are:
1. e-Learning
2. Home-Based Businesses

We are also an “Accredited Member” of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
You will be hard-pressed to find this level of Tenure and Integrity with any other online opportunity.

We are ONLY looking for a select group of 10 entrepreneurial-minded professionals this month to set them up in our highly lucrative franchise-style online business model. You will become resellers of our eLearning products and digital marketing services, earning 100% profit per sale!

We are offering a REAL Ownership Opportunity for the right people.

So, if YOU are ready to elevate your earnings and lifestyle, and possess a high level of integrity, keep reading.

Our proven, business model, with our state-of-the-art automated systems (including our mobile business App), coupled with our superior training and ongoing mentorship (with serial entrepreneurs), can assist highly motivated, entrepreneurial-minded professionals to earn $150,000-$1,000,000 in 1st year, living a Laptop Lifestyle!
(depending on part-time or full-time efforts and which products you own)

You will have access to our business App (customized for YOU) right on your mobile device!
You can work from the Lake, Beach, the Mountains, or ANYWHERE you have internet access.

We Provide:
1. Highly Coveted Franchise-Style, Plug, and Play Online Business model
2. High-Demand and Highly Profitable eLearning Products, (100% Profits Per Sale)
3. Automated Marketing Systems – Brings your warm leads 24/7 (No Cold Calling, No Chasing Clients)
4. Flexible Training, and Ongoing Support and Mentorship, which allows YOU to generate High Revenue from Anywhere and at Any time. (part-time or full-time)

The best part is YOU can be up and running your business with our system, making sales, and can earn $10K in profits in the first 30 days!

No High Startup Cost, No Employees Needed, No High Risk, and No High Monthly Overhead!

Call TODAY 24/7 Listen to our 5-minute recorded info line
(800) 358-3736
Leave voice mail to schedule an initial phone call and request access to our business App to complete your due diligence

If you are a current Brick-and-Mortar business owner, you can DITCH THE MONTHLY RENT for your location!
WORK FROM HOME and claim ALL the Tax Benefits from a Home Based Online Business.
(write off the partial mortgage, electric, phone, cell phone bills, and more)

No entrepreneurial experience is necessary, but YOU MUST possess a huge desire to be self-employed, and a willingness to follow a simple, proven plan is a must! (If it’s not broken, don’t fix it)
However, we encourage input and ideas to improve effective processes and strategies.

This is NOT MLM or Network Marketing!

However, like any real business, there are some minimal start-up costs. True entrepreneurs understand this principle and are NOT afraid of investing in themselves. (Financing available if necessary)

Ideal candidates:
-Entrepreneurial Spirit – Ready to build their OWN DREAM business, not their boss’s
-Highly Motivated to Achieve Success in your life
-Great Work Ethic
-Good Phone Skills
-High Level of Integrity -We only work with honest people. Deceptive people NEED not bother to call

If you possess these qualities, we can have you up and running in our system within 3 days!

Call TODAY 24/7 Listen to our 5-minute recorded info line
(800) 358-3736
Leave voice mail to schedule an initial phone call and request access to our business App to complete your due diligence

We will provide all the mentoring and support you need to become successful within 30 days!
Do you have what it takes to be successful?

Our mobile Business App allows you to work from the Lake, Mountains, or Beach…..literally anywhere!

Forbes Magazine says:
“The e-Learning industry is currently $250 Billion and will explode to $425 billion annually in the next 3 years.
There is a ton of money to be made in this industry”!


“Under their careful guidance and his no-nonsense simple business training, I earned my first $1,000 in only 5 days and $21,000 (in one month) my 3rd month here!” Kim- FL

“My name is Robin and I came onboard on 4/13/22. I have always believed in education and know that e-learning set up for a home-based business model is gold! That intrigued me, but when I met the Founder and his team, I realized truly how golden this opportunity is! There is so much garbage out there that does not really have the sincere mentoring, which is needed to become successful, but will take your money and promise that! Most people fall through the cracks and your hard-earned money is gone. From day one, the founder and his team have gone above and beyond to help me get started, with funding, getting set up, and posting ads, and I made my first $6,500 sale on my 8th day here! Then I made another $6,500 sale on my 14th day. Then finished my 1st 30 days with another $2,000 in my 4th week in the system. I made $15,000 in sales in my 1st 30 days!
I earned more in my 1st 30 days in this amazing business than I made in 6 months as a surgical dental assistant!
I took a risk and I am so glad that I did! – Robin – AZ

“With so much garbage on the internet these days regarding business opportunities, it is refreshing to find a company that puts your success as a top priority! They have fine-tuned a franchise-style, plug & play online business model for those who truly want a BETTER WAY to make a living!” Ross- Texas

” I became a distributor with this company because I wanted to work with someone who had a proven record of making good money, building a solid business, and doing both with integrity.” Shannon- Texas

“The founder is a brilliant entrepreneur! He and his team have a true desire to help others succeed. Their simple, straightforward approach ensures success for anyone who has the desire to succeed and willingness to learn, I am so glad I found this business model and this mentor” LaShawnya – Georgia

TAKE ACTION NOW to improve your current situation! Invest in your future and join our entrepreneurial team TODAY.

Learn from the best and build an amazing future with our team!
Work full-time or part-time. (Your choice)

Call TODAY 24/7 Listen to our 5-minute recorded info line
(800) 358-3736
Leave voice mail to schedule an initial phone call and request access to our business App to complete your due diligence.

compensation: $150k to $1,000,000 performance based

employment type: employee's choice

job title: Distributor/Reseller

telecommuting ok

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