Delivery Laborer/Ayudante


Helper needed for Wayfair furniture delivery route 6 days a week. Loading starts at 5:30 am. Deliveries start at 7:00 Multiple deliveries in Orlando area and/or Central florida. Paid weekly, direct deposit every Monday.

Location: OBT and Sandlake

If you leave around Semoran and Colonial is a plus.

Ayudante para ruta de muebles de Wayfair 6 dias a la semana. Empezando a cargar 5:30 am para iniciar Ruta a 7am. Multiples paradas en Orlando y Central Florida. Pago semanal, deposito directo cada Lunes. Tendras un talon de cheque.

Requisitos: ID y SSN/ITIN.

Preferencia vivir en area de Semoran y Colonial.

compensation: $120 per day plus tips

employment type: full-time

job title: Helper

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