Community Solar Team Leaders *Top Paying*


We need experienced D2D Solar Canvassers and Sales Agents that can help residents save on their electric bill with community solar!

This is a brand new program and there are no solar panels required in order to participate in the program as the energy comes from a local solar farm. The State has given unusable farmland to solar developers and they place solar panels on them to benefit consumers.

This is a completely free State program and there is no catch to it. It’s easy and quick to enroll in the program and there is big money to be made with this new program! The utility companies stay the same, customer receive credits on the monthly electric bills! There may be additional savings in summer months.

This is a win-win and good for the environment.

Text Mike at 305-807-4177 with the following to apply!

Your name

Your experience with Community Solar farms or shared energy

A brief summary of your sales background

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compensation: $900- $5000 per week

employment type: full-time

job title: Community Solar Team Leaders

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