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Need paralegal/legal assistant to handle 25-30 closings per month from start to finish. I do the title exam and work out any problems with the title company and I do the closings and update and record. You take in the contract or title order, set up the file, obtain a title binder based on my notes, keep in touch with all parties to the transaction, generate a TRID CD or conventional HUD as needed, prepare closing docs, cut checks, disburse funds, and return package to lender. Must be completely familiar with SOFTPRO and all docs required for a closing- contracts, deeds, releases, notes, deeds of trust, title opinions- and must have sufficient word processing capability to prepare those docs as well as the occasional offer to purchase, lease, power of attorney, free trader– whatever is needed in a real estate based transactional practice. Must be highly organized and able to work independently and move multiple transactions along. Must be able to handle multiple (and often annoying) calls and emails without losing your patience. Excellent compensation for someone with prior experience and this skill set.


employment type: full-time

job title: Closing paralegal

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