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Welcome, to Dazzle Services. We are a steam cleaning company that use industrial equipment to clean floors and upholstery using a hot water extraction method. If you want to know more go on you tube and search professional carpet steam cleaning and you’ll get an idea as to what we do.

The work is very rewarding, not just the cleaning factor but also how the customer experience. You make a difference for people and they appreciate you for that.

I, Lev, the owner of the company, understand that there’s more to life than just work. Having a life outside of work is as important as the work that you do here with us. That’s why when you work with us you get paid an above industry standard wage, as well as commissions, tips and a bonus. We cover your benefits so that you can use that for yourself and your families dental and health care needs. We also provide you with your own work vehicle to take home, a work cell phone, and we all costs associated to the work. We make sure that the number of hours that you work don’t exceed your expectations. We have found a balance of what a typical workday would be and that’s at most 3 medium sized jobs or 4 smaller jobs. Unless you decide that you would like to work longer during the day, we support any decision that you make.

The time of day that you work is starting at a customers home at 8:30AM and it varies on when it ends, usually it doesn’t exceed 8 hours. The days that you work are up to you, you can decide to work Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday or Wednesday to Sunday, the combination is flexible.

Carpet cleaning isn’t for everyone, and what I have found is that the people who do enjoy the work, get really good at doing the work.

We work together with you so that you can thrive in the work that they do.

We are a small company but growing rapidly and cannot keep up to the demand. We have established a culture of trust and transparency. The reason we started this company was so that we can provide an honest and upfront service to the customer and to treat employees how they want to be treated.

What we are looking for are team players, people who understand the importance of communication, who can work independently, as most of the work will be done on the field alone, sometimes if the jobs are bigger you will have a helper. We have refined our process based on 20 years of experience so that you can do your job effectively.

If this is something you are interested in, please reply with the following
1. A cover letter explaining what you are currently doing for work and what interested you about this specific ad
2. Your updated resume
3. Confirming that you have a valid drivers license (this is a requirement, only applicants with a valid drivers license will be called for a interview)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I appreciate you,

Lev Karasin

compensation: $20-$30 per hour + commission, bonuses, tips, extended medical and dental

employment type: full-time

job title: Lead Technician

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