Can You Hustle Sales? Earn $1500+ Cash / Week Selling Hair


I’m looking for men and women who can hustle selling hair bundles and love making cash money.

This is not a job because you will keep 50% of cash profits! This is a partnership! I supply the product and you move it.

Look at the next 10 women you see. I promise you that at least 5 of them are or have worn hair extensions! If you can sell that’s all I need to know. Your background isn’t important but you need to have some form of verifiable ID.

Excellent money in this business. Make easy $1500 cash week (that is just 22 – 25 sales @ 3 bundles average per customer) easy for just a few days or nights working hair salons, parking lots, clubs or wherever the ladies are! Make more if you sell more.

If you are a great sales person and don’t mind hustling selling luxury hair extensions (bundles) contact me.

Make your own schedule. I’ll teach you about the hair, you need to be able to sell! This isn’t China Beauty Store fake hair.

Contact me if you are serious. No TEXTS.

If you are serious, you need to call during business hours. 10a – 5p.

compensation: You keep 50% of Profits Straight Cash Daily of What You Sell.

employment type: employee's choice

job title: Hair Bundles Sales

telecommuting ok

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