Camera Operators Wanted



I have one live event coming up that needs camera operators. It is located at WakeMed Soccer Park.

Nike Cross Regionals (NXR): Southeast

I’m looking for 6 camera operators.


11/26/2022 – Saturday
Crew Arrival……….6:45 AM EST
Broadcast Begins…8:15 AM EST
Broadcast Ends……11:50 AM EST

The pay is $150 per 8-hour day. An additional $50 is added if 8 hours is exceeded.
No equipment is necessary besides a phone (with a cellular data plan), earphones with a built-in microphone, and a charger.
Meals provided.

A W9 or W-8BEN form is to be filled out.
We can only pay by check that will be sent through the mail.

What we’re looking for:
Available for the entire work period. No partial days.
Timeliness and Communication.
Basic Camera Experience (Not required, but is a plus)
Track & Field/XC Knowledge (Not required, but is a plus)
Demo Reel (Not required, but is a plus)

If interested, please reply if you have experience with any type of camera work and if you are familiar with track/XC.

Thank you!

compensation: $150 for a day

employment type: part-time

job title: Camera Operator

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