Business Finance Consultant Loan Broker $120,000 Plus

(Any Where HOME BASED)

“After my First 6 months, Im now consistently averaging $12,000 a month..with NO overhead.” Typically 4 to 6 hour days, 4 to 5 days a week. Your role requires NO SALES calls (meaning you are not asking for money or contracts to sign), NO advertising costs or LEAD purchases. HOW?

Some Sales experience, and Business Development, PHONE SKILLS a must. A desire to work daily on a project. A realistic fee schedule for client and payout for broker (50%). A 18 year old finance company with no complaints on BBB and no lead/advertising cost. ONLY REFERRALS from our business partners.

“I was a stock broker at the age of 20, did the 300 dials/10 hrs a day thing for 9 yrs… 5 yrs as mortgage broker, took incoming calls yet had a huge advertising expense (mail) so my net payout was more like 35%.. and for past 5 years a business loan broker (consultant). a TRUE partnership payout, NO arduous document collection. I don’t expect to ever need another job.” Within our system, no mailing/advertising/lead costs, back office handles loan placement and doc collection.. Referred Prospects only.

NO on-going overhead, NO tie downs to office…complete financial freedom… OTHER finance related jobs (stock broker, mortgage broker, real estate broker, Insurance broker, etc) requires MAJOR up-front or investment-money for books/education classes and licensing and state certification or registration and THEN an extended period of ramp up at an office, you have a BOSS not a Partner, purchase of leads, mailings or google ad words each month.. expensive way to start a business.

WTLHC does have ongoing costs of supporting systems, software, severs nationwide, High end Website, Corporate email accts, CRM, back office support. Loan placement, doc collection, etc…not to mention our Branding and Reputation is invaluable to you.. however this is corporate costs..not yours. Hence the commission split. 50/50

WTLHC is Looking to add a small team (up to 10 agents/SIX spots left as of today) to get 2023 started right…WTL is not going to fly you out to some fancy hotel, and have you sit in a mass training class for a week to justify a $5000 or $10,000 sign-up get a certificate and a few dinners/commendation you paid for….ITS a ploy to create many new brokers to sell leads and advertising start their business.

HOWEVER We are not seeking folks that are down on their luck..if you are completely broke, that is not a good sign. IF you cannot go 3 to 4 weeks without a check, dont apply. This is a simple process but not an easy job..only the dedicated will survive. In addition if you have a Felony Fraud conviction within past 5 years that is not going to work either. (money related crime)

WTL is given pre-qualified referrals…not leads from our business partners.. Follow our proprietary systems/training and get REFERRALS (not leads) READY TO BUY A BUSINESS pre-screened for 680 plus scores and no bankruptcies. Sound good? E-MAIL a RESUME

This is not employment, this is not an ISO whereas you are on your own.. this is a “true” partnership 50/50 split..we will share in the responsibility and fees/commissions.. That’s it. WORK at your home/business at your leisure.

You will acquire: ONE referring account to start off with…. materials, pitches, guidelines/matrix, training, company email acct, loan placement services, fee collection, legal, etc. 5 DAYS OF ONE ON ONE WITH VP, TRAINING AND SET UP. This is valuable time and effort. If you want to learn what we know, and earn what we earn, have proven time and time again..first step EMAIL your resume….

If you don’t have a resume then create one on MS Word and convert to PDF…show some initiative, that you know how to use email /attachments/word, PDF, etc..there is a reason for this request.

compensation: 50% highest payout with NO lead or advertising costs

employment type: employee's choice

job title: Finance Loan Broker

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