$20 Room Attendant- Full Time


4674 Ontario Mills Parkway near Milliken

ESSENTIAL PURPOSE: To maintain cleanliness and order of all guestrooms in accordance with the standards set forth by Country Inn & Suites by Radisson. ***Spanish speaking preferred, but not required.

• To clean and organize all assigned guestrooms in the allotted time frame on a daily basis.

• To satisfactorily meet the performance and production standards established by the hotel from time to time, including, but not limited to, completing the assigned number of rooms in accordance with the quality standards set forth by the department.

• To complete all routine Housekeeping tasks as instructed.

• To replenish all linens and amenities according to standards.

• To complete general cleaning tasks (including, but not limited to, shampooing of carpets, cleaning of windows, moving of furniture, etc.) and projects as assigned by a Supervisor in a timely fashion without sacrificing the completion of regularly scheduled cleaning duties.

• To correctly document room status on daily assignment sheet as instructed.

• To assist other Room Attendants, as directed, in the completion of daily work assignments.

• To maintain order of the linen closet as outlined by the Housekeeping Management.

• To keep all common areas of all buildings free of trash, debris, spider webs and other unsightly items

• To assist in the completion of guest requests in a timely fashion, as assigned by a Supervisor.

• To maintain an organized supply cart at all times.

• To report all maintenance concerns to a Supervisor and/or Engineering for expedient repair and to follow-up to ensure completion.

• To provide a secure environment for all guests and fellow employees by ensuring all guestrooms are locked and all assigned keys are maintained according to departmental procedure.

• To report any suspicious person or situation to a Supervisor immediately for investigation.

• To protect guest confidentiality.

• To maintain the integrity of the Housekeeping closet by ensuring that the doors remain closed and locked at all times.

• To complete all assigned tasks in accordance with all safety procedures as defined by Country Inn & Suites at all times and without exception.

• To report any hazardous or unsafe condition immediately to a Supervisor for investigation and follow-up.

• To interact with all guests, supervisors, and fellow employees in a courteous and professional manner at all times.

• To maintain and use all cleaning supplies and equipment in accordance with procedures set forth by Country Inn & Suites Housekeeping Department.

• To handle, store and label all hazardous substances according to state and federal regulations.

• To report to work in proper uniform, including own name tag, at shift reporting time on assigned workday according to departmental schedule.

• To follow all procedures regarding punch-in and punch-out for work as defined by Country Inn & Suites.

• To follow all procedures regarding attendance, lateness and absence as set forth by Country Inn & Suites.

• To maintain Housekeeping Storage, Office, Supply Areas and Laundry in an orderly and professional manner at all times.

• To utilize supplies efficiently to eliminate waste.

• To follow all recycling practices to ensure Country Inn & Suites maintains its position as an environmentally conscious member of the community.

• To report all found items to a Supervisor immediately according to Lost and Found procedures established by Country Inn & Suites by Radisson.

• To complete any other task as assigned by a Supervisor.

• To follow all policies and procedures of Country Inn & Suites by Radisson.

• To maintain the cleanliness and safety of work areas at all times.

• To practice safe work habits at all times, to avoid injury to self and others, including compliance with company and departmental safety rules and regulations and the proper use and handling of all relevant equipment.

• To attend all mandatory meetings as directed.

• To perform other tasks, including cross-training, as directed.

JOB KNOWLEDGE & EDUCATIONAL LEVEL: Able to understand read and communicate basic instructions, warning labels, task assignments and requests in English. Previous hotel experience helpful, but not required.

PERSONAL APTITUDES: Detail oriented, trustworthy and reliable. Ability to organize, plan and manage time to effectively complete all tasks as assigned. Ability to interact with others in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Works productively alone or with others as needed with minimal supervision. Ability to meet tight deadlines for completion of job duties. Ability to handle several tasks at once as may be assigned and monitored by multiple Supervisors. Must be able to adapt quickly to new standards and changes in policy reflecting Country Inn & Suites commitment to continued improvement in quality and service.

WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Ability to work irregular shifts, weekends, holidays and overtime as occupancy and work levels demand. Position mainly requires work indoors in temperature- controlled well-lit guestrooms. May depend on others to help achieve task completion. May be exposed to hazardous substances and or bloodborne pathogens.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Stands and walks short to long distances through shift. Bends, stoops, and reaches to perform routine job tasks. Routinely required to handle and move objects weighing up to 50 lbs. over moderate distances. Flexibility and good reflexes required. Frequent use of stairs daily.

IMPACT OF DECISION: Decisions directly impact the hotel’s ability to provide guests with attractive, clean, and hygienic rooms. Poor decisions may result in guest dissatisfaction and loss of revenues, due to inefficient or improper work, unsafe work practices, or improperly handled customer service situations.

GENERAL: Must comply with the Company’s Appearance and Dress Code policy as set forth in the Employee Handbook.

JOB CLASSIFICATION: The position is classified as Full-Time and, upon completion of the Introductory Period, the employee is eligible for certain benefits outlined in the Employee Handbook. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company reserves the right to amend, change or discontinue the policies, practices and benefits described in the handbook at any time and without notice.

NON-EXEMPT POSITION: Non-exempt employees are subject to the wage and hour laws and entitled to overtime pay. All overtime work by a non-exempt employee must be approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor or the General Manager and the time initialed by him/her on the time card. Non-exempt employees who work overtime without prior approval are subject to disciplinary action, including termination.

AT-WILL EMPLOYMENT: The relationship between Country Inn & Suites and the employee is for an unspecified term and is considered “at will.” This means that the terms and conditions of employment may be changed, with or without cause and with or without notice, including, but not limited to termination, demotion, promotion, transfer, compensation, benefits, duties and location of work. No one other than the Owner of the Company has the authority to make any verbal or written agreement contrary to this provision and any such agreement must be put in writing and signed by the Owner before it is effective.

Country Inn & Suites reserves the right to modify and update this Position Description as needed.

I have read and understand the above-referenced job requirements and have the ability to perform all of the essential duties listed herein. I agree to comply with the Company’s performance standards and understand that I will need to be flexible in order to accommodate the changing needs of the hotel operation.

I further agree to comply with the rules and regulations set forth in the Employee Handbook and agree to abide with any departmental policies.

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compensation: $20 per hour

employment type: full-time

job title: Room Attendant (Limpieza de Cuartos)

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