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📈 Are you tired of the 9 to 5 race and not able to get ahead by building someone else’s legacy?

🤔 Is your employer forcing you to do something or you will lose your job?

😬 Have you been affected by COVID-19 and want to be in a recession proof field?

🤗 Are you a life insurance producer/agent that wants Top A rated companies with REAL compensation that pays daily by the insurance companies? Or are looking for us to help you get your state license?

🙌🏽 If you answered yes to any of the above then this might be the opportunity that you have been looking for

If you are looking for financial freedom and willing to put in THE WORK for it then keep reading…

What exactly do we do?

– We visit with families that have sent in a request for life insurance via through direct mail or online
– We work warm leads to help families that have requested our help in obtaining their final expense plans
– Once we sit with the family we shop around for the best product based on need and budget
– Submit an application with the perfect company and usually have an instant decision right away
– Then a few days later you get paid from the company you sent in the application for via direct deposit

How do you get paid?

– You get paid directly from the company you wrote the application with NOT from the organization (It is your money you earned it!)
– Make a sale and you make 100% or more commission on that policy you wrote
– Continue to get paid on that policy with yearly renewals (passive income)
– Daily sales = Daily deposits
– The AVERAGE agent with us including part time makes at least 10k a month

Why work with us?

– We are not an MLM based company where you are a “number” in the system. DO NOT be fooled by ads you see from major MLM’s that boast about “Highest compensation in the industry” Ask to see a compensation grid with all carriers and that will tell the truth with no smoke and mirrors!

– We are not your typical Life insurance brokerage. We are like family and have the experience to train and get you one on one training, to help you make over six figures in your first year with us. We teach by showing you what we do NOT by telling you do something. We actively sell and service clients and can train and lead by example.

– We do not have quotas or loyal to one specific company. We truly shop around to put the family first every time

Do I need a life insurance license?

– Yes you do and we can help you prepare and and take an online course to study at your pace. Most people that join us with no license usually obtain a license in a few weeks. That just depends how fast you want start making money and helping families.

Already have a license?

– Great! Then you will be excited to see our platform of products and how we help families.

Do I have to sign a contract or a release?

-NO! There is no contract AT ALL you are truly Independent! No hidden “release” to sign if you decide to leave. Some major IMO’s say “NO CONTRACT” but have you sign a release. Ask to see the release form if you want to leave that IMO, it is basically a contract out the door. We do not do that here.

What next?

Click the form below 👇🏽 and let’s talk

*Military Veterans encouraged/Veteran Owned
*1099 and unlimited income
*Unlimited income potential
*Work anywhere in the USA


compensation: Commision 20k Monthly

employment type: full-time

job title: Insurance Sales

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