⚡ Why Retirement Planning Does Not Work ⚡

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Retirement Planning is BROKEN!

Let's look at some numbers:

1. 95% of people will NOT be able to retire comfortably
2. To build a $5,000 monthly income during retirement, you need to save
$1,976 per month for 20 years (assuming a 10% annual return)
3. The average retirement portfolio generates an annual return of 3.2%

Do people ever get sick?

Do people ever lose their jobs?

If either of the above happens, what is one of the first monthly expenses to go?

CORRECT – Retirement Savings

Now consider this…

We can show you how to build an $5,200+ monthly residual income in 23 months.

This is based on marketing a service that is required by law. What does that mean?

It means if a person gets sick, if a person loses his/her job, they STILL pay…
because they have to.

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compensation: Up to $5,200/mo. from referral fees, overrides, and bonuses

employment type: employee's choice

job title: Representative

telecommuting ok

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